Sylvie Captura

Creative photographer

My name is Sylvie and I am a professional photographer. My calling in photography began in 2005 when I realized that every image has a unique story to tell.

My vision
My goal is to capture the emotions, beauty and uniqueness of moments in life. In every photograph I strive to convey not only the visual appeal, but also the soul of the event.

My experience
Since starting my career, I have collaborated with various clients and participated in numerous projects. My experience spans a variety of genres, ranging from portrait photography and event photography to exploratory travel photography.

Partnership with me
I try to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere during the shoot so that my clients feel comfortable and natural. Collaborating with me is not only a process of creating beautiful images, but also an opportunity to share your stories and views on life.

Contact me
I am always open to new projects and unique ideas. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your photographic vision, feel free to contact me. Let's create something unique together!

With love for art and photography, Sylvie Captura

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